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02 March, 2012

New Stoeger Airguns Pellet Sampler and Cleaning Ropes

There's a couple of small, but interesting, new additions at Archer Airguns. Both come from Stoeger Airguns.

First is the Stoeger Airguns Pellet Sampler Package. This provides a convenient, low cost way to try six of the types of Stoeger premium pellets - all except the X-Sport 7.48 Grain wadcutters - in .177 caliber. There's 205 pellets in the sampler and they're conveniently packed in tubes that you can take into the field for use.

Stoeger pellets are German made and are of high quality. We've had a lot of success with them and use the X-Field pellets for Archer Airguns Gold Service testing of high power air rifles. And .177 caliber Stoeger X-Speed pellets produced the best 10-shot test target of every pellet type we tested last Summer in the Beeman RS2 dual barrel air rifle.

Stoeger X-Speed are the only lead free pellets I've tested that show accuracy comparable to lead pellets. Their performance is really outstanding and they are - to me - worth every penny of their admittedly high price.

The Stoeger Pellet Sampler Package is available only for .177 caliber at the present time.

The other new product is the Stoeger Airguns Cleaning Rope. Air rifle barrels don't require cleaning often, but when they do, this is the best way to do it!

The Cleaning Rope is a convenient re-usable "pull through" that is the ideal way to clean the delicate rifling of airgun barrels without the risk of damage that's always present if a rod is used for this task. There's a brass weight to lead the rope through the barrel and bronze brush elements built-in that actually do the cleaning. Clear instructions are included on the packaging.

Available for both .177 and .22 calibers, these Cleaning Ropes are reusable and can be washed if required.


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