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25 February, 2012

Sidelever Breech Kit Upgrade for QB78 Family Now Available

Now you can convert your QB78, QB79, AR2078, AR2078A or AR2079B air rifle to sidelever operation - just like the super-rare AR2078B and AR2079B models. This new Archer Airguns Sidelever Breech Kit for QB78 Family includes all the official Shanghai factory parts that you need to make this conversion, together with replacement barrel O rings and a high flow breech seal.

The sidelever breech is shown installed on a QB78 Deluxe in these photographs. Above, the gun has the bolt open for loading and below it's closed and ready to fire.

The sidelever breech makes these guns easier to cock, and it looks really cool. There's just a couple of limitations.

The main one is that it's available for .177 caliber only. The factory doesn't make a .22 version as they use this breech for their top of the line target models only.

Also, as the bolt itself is a different design, the Archer Airguns XP Tune Kit will not fit the sidelever action. But you will gain a muzzle velocity increase of about 40fps compared to a standard factory gun if you install this sidelever breech kit together with the high flow breech seal supplied, instead of reusing the standard factory breech seal.

Again, Archer Airguns special relationship and contacts with the Shanghai Airguns factory allows us to offer this unique up-grade for QB78 family air rifles. I hope you find it interesting!


V6pack Monday, 16 April, 2012  

I just added a Archer Airguns AR Side lever Breech Kit to one of the rifles we use for my 4h program in hopes that the younger kids can cock the rifle easier. All the kids love it and want me to convert the rest of our inventory (8 more guns) to the side lever. It does make it really simple for the small kids to cock the rifles. even easier than the over size bolt handle.

Stephen Archer Monday, 16 April, 2012  

V6pack, thanks for posting your experiences with the sidelever breech. I agree - so long as standard factory muzzle velocity is OK - then the sidelever is by far the easiest method to cock QB78 and AR2078-type air rifles.

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