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11 March, 2012

Archer Airguns Introduces Xisico Air Rifles

Xisico - pronounced "Sisco" - rhyming with San Francisco - is the manufacturer of many very popular air rifles that are marketed under other brand names. And while the majority of Xisico production is made for other companies, Archer Airguns is proud to be selling a range of Xisico air rifles under their own brand.

Xisico is a US company with manufacturing facilities in China. Their factory has been manufacturing rifles since the 1960s, today the vast majority of production is air rifles and pistols for customers around the world.

The first model we're introducing is the XS28M air rifle. This is a magnum power airgun that's offered at a great price. It's ideal for long range shooting and hunting so long as it's shot using the Artillery Hold to achieve the inherent accuracy of the gun.

As you can see in our store, we're also offering the first of what we plan to be a range of scope combos with the XS28M air rifle - these combos offer even better value in pricing.

More details to follow as we expand the range of products in the Xisico pages of the Archer Airguns store. Watch this space!


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