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26 March, 2012

XS28M Combos Now With Weaver-Style Mounts

As a result of continued testing, we've found that Archer Airguns XS28M scope combos will be a better solution for most users if the scope mounting is done using Weaver-style attachment. So, we're bundling a Leapers dovetail to Weaver rail adapter with our XS28M combos and - obviously - Weaver mount rings also.

The Weaver-style adapter fits the Xisico XS28M perfectly - as you can see from this photo.

It makes a really strong scope mount and prevents the possibility that the scope mount will "walk back" off of the standard airgun dovetail rails.

Below is a photograph of the revised XS28M Weaver combo with the 4-16 x 40AO Rex scope.

So are there any downsides to these revised combos? Well, the price is increased by $20.00 and the centerline of the scope is raised a little - although we are minimizing the effect by using low rings. I still find the cheek weld to be good, however, even with the slightly higher scope position.

To me the XS28 Weaver combos make a lot of sense for most of us. But if you're happy with the non-Weaver approach, we have maintained one XS28M combo that uses the factory dovetails.


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