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12 March, 2012

Closeup Photos of the Xisico XS28M

In response to a number of emails for more information about the Xisico XS28M air rifle, here are a number of photographs I've taken today of a gun drawn entirely at random from Archer Airguns stock...

The scope mount.

The ventilated buttpad looks like this.

Here's some checkering on the wrist of the stock.

This is the T-05 style trigger assembly.

The rear sight area from above.

A lower view of the rear sight and barrel pivot area looks like this.

Here's part of the stock inletting. It's surprisingly good for a part of the gun that's not expected to be seen by most owners.

And finally, here's a view of the cocking linkage, obviously with the stock removed!

I hope you're as impressed as I am!


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