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30 June, 2012

Add 80 fps Muzzle Velocity to Your Ruger Air Hawk Air Rifle for Just $12.99!

I increased the muzzle velocity of a Ruger Air Hawk air rifle from 806 fps to 886 fps, simply by installing the Archer Airguns XMV Tune Kit and you can do the same!

Below, the Archer Airguns XMV Tune Kit.

The Ruger Air Hawk air rifle is a pleasant, accurate air rifle that's widely available at excellent prices. But, analysis by Archer Airguns indicates that the vast majority of these guns are shooting significantly slower than they should. This is also true for the Ruger Blackhawk, Ruger Air Hawk Elite and Ruger Air Magnum air rifles as they all share a similar design.

Fortunately, the Archer Airguns XMV Tune Kit provides a way to increase the muzzle velocity of the Air Hawk by up to 80 fps - that's 20% more power (muzzle energy) - using the same pellets. The best news is that it's cheap and easy to do!

The following table shows how the muzzle velocity of an "off the shelf" Ruger Air Hawk was increased by using the high quality replacement breech seal and shims included in the XMV Kit. As you can see, the muzzle velocity is increased in two ways: by placing shims under the breech seal and by replacing the breech seal by a better one.

The installation instructions included with the Archer Airguns XMV Tune Kit for Ruger Air Hawk and Blackhawk Air Rifles make it simple to install the kit. No special tools are required and no irreversible changes or alterations are required to your airgun. The XMV Tune Kit includes 3 high quality, long-lasting replacement breech seals and 3 high precision steel shims that are machined to tolerances of half a thousandths of an inch.

The Air Hawk uses a circular breech seal that can be seen around the rear of the barrel. This breech seal sits in a circular slot. But the slot is often too deep for the seal and this allows air to be lost when the gun is fired. As that lost air should be powering the pellet, it represents a reduction in muzzle velocity. The shims and replacement breech seal included in the XMV Tune Kit eliminate that lost air and increase the muzzle velocity.

This diagram shows a side view through the slot, breech seals and shims. On the left we see a very common condition with factory guns - the breech seal is below the end of the barrel. On the right is a diagram of the XMV shim and breech seal. You'll see that the breech seal now projects slightly above the end of the barrel.
Obtaining the correct, slight breech seal projection - we're talking just a few thousandths of an inch - is what the XMV Tune Kit is all about.

We'll cover more about this kit in future blog posts, but if you want to read the complete story right now, you can do so using the ebook I've published on the Archer Airguns XMV Tune Kit for Ruger Air Hawk and Blackhawk Air Rifles.


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