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10 June, 2012

Silent Pellet Trap Torture Tested

We're often asked about how long the Duct Seal will last on an Archer Airguns "Silent" Pellet Trap. So, here are some photographs of a Premium "Silent" Pellet Trap that has been in use for about 7 years now - and which continues in use every day.

As you can see, this trap is certainly battle-scarred, but it's still serviceable and in particular the original Duct Seal or "impact putty" as it's often called is still in use and has not been replaced, in spite of many thousands of pellets fired into it. The duct seal is still pliable and has not dried out at all with age and use.

As most pellets land in the center of the trap (behind the target bull), they eventually clump up as shown in the second photograph. When the trap is full - like now - the lead clump can be carefully dug out of the duct seal and the hole filled by either pushing around the remaining duct seal, or simply by adding some additional, new, duct seal.

The design of Archer Airguns "Silent" Pellet Traps allows for the inevitable target debris and spent pellets - that bounce off the lead clump - to land harmlessly in the bottom of the trap. This means that they don't fly back out of the trap, as often happens with pellet traps of other types. The photo below shows the huge amount of such debris that can accumulate in one of our traps before it requires emptying.

Of course, the "Silent" trap design stops that annoying, loud "clang" that accompanies the use of all metal pellet traps and - as you can see - it catches all of the dross that tends to litter the space in front of other traps. This is a great safety feature, particularly if pets or small children ever venture onto the range and take a close interest in all that stuff lying around other traps.

It's still "the best pellet trap on earth"!


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