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26 June, 2012

Industry Brand Target Aperture Rear Sight is Ideal for IZH 60 and IZH 61 Air Rifles

The Russian IZH 60 and IZH 61 air rifles are wonderful, accurate little guns for target shooting, but the standard open rear sights fitted to the gun leave a lot to be desired.

Fortunately it's easy to upgrade the IZH 60 or IZH 61 for much better accuracy using the Industry Brand Target Aperture Rear Sight.

This sight fits perfectly onto the very short scope rails of these IZH air rifles, without blocking the magazine release lever of the multi-shot IZH 61 model.

The Industry Brand Target Aperture Rear Sight gives precise, clock adjustment of windage and elevation and is comfortable to use with its included rubber eyecap. It also sits at exactly the right height for use with the front post sight of the IZH guns.

My accuracy with the IZH 61 increased considerably once I fitted this peep sight. I'll bet that yours will, too!


Anonymous,  Wednesday, 27 June, 2012  

Archer Airguns has been very resourceful in using their product knowledge to determine that the Industry Brand "Target Aperture Rear Sight (with eye cup) ", is a fully compatible enhancement/product up-grade to the Baikal IZH 60 and IZH 61 air rifles.


Anonymous,  Sunday, 29 July, 2012  

The "Industry Brand" Target Aperture Rear Sight easily slipped-on to the dovetail mount on the Daisy Avanti Champion 499 air rifle.
The aperture of the Target Aperture sight aligned very well with the 499's front globe aperture during the process of zeroing-in the sights at 7-yards, and it consistently printed 1-inch "Shoot-N-C's" at that range.
Subsequently, I found the elevation adjustment to be adequate for zeroing the sights from 10 to approximately 15 yard ranges.
Please note that the installation of the Target Aperture Rear Sight did require temporarily removing the screw that secures the top-front of the stock to the rear of the metal air gun shroud on the 499. However, the threaded hole was clearly visible through the forward mounting arms of the Target Aperture sight, and a 1/4-inch slotted screw driver was used to re-install the screw.
The Daisy Avanti Champion 499 is quite a handsome air rifle when it is wearing the "Industry Brand" Target Aperture Rear Sight.

Stephen Archer Wednesday, 01 August, 2012  

Thanks for the information about the Avanti Champion 499. I'm glad to hear this sight worked well for you!

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