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03 July, 2012

The QB57 Deluxe Air Rifle - A Customer Report

We recently received the following from Chris Norling, who provided his approval for us to publish his opinions on the QB57 Deluxe air rifle he purchased from Archer Airguns.

These are his words and photos. Thank you, Chris, the gun looks excellent and - by the way - that's great shooting: a Dime-size group at 25 yards!


I received the QB57 Deluxe last Saturday (exceptional delivery time by the way). Out of the box it performed better than expected but having owned several Chinese Firearms I knew there would be room for improvement. I tore it down completely; giving it a thorough cleaning & inspection- addressing any machining marks, rough edges, etc.
Reassembled with new 12.9 screws (w/ blue loctite) & Greased with Wurth True Glide. Next, I addressed the wood stock and forearm sanding out imperfections and painted both pieces along with a DIY muzzle brake olive drab. Final step was joining a Picatinny rail to the stock 11mm rail and mounting a CenterPoint Mil-dot.

The end result-

Looks good, How does it shoot?
Below is ten consecutive shots following a quick 4 shots sighting in the scope
(10 shots, JSB heavy Exact pellets @ 25 yards, bi-pod on bench)

Out of the box it was good but with a little work it’s become quite an amazing little shooter.

Thank you for making these available to US customers at such a reasonable price and outstanding service!

Well done Sir!

Best regards,


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