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19 July, 2012

New Design Tank Block Kits for QB79 Now Available.

Just back in stock today are plentiful new supplies of the QB79 Tank Block Kit.

One surprise has been to discover that these latest kits have a new design for the tank block itself. There are now FOUR O ring slots instead of the previous two. It looks like the factory wanted to improve sealing between the Tank Block and Main Tube. There's no other differences in design or functionality that I can detect.

Here's a comparison of the old and new versions.

The complete new QB79 Tank Block Kit looks like this.

We also have a number of other parts kits back in stock, including the following items:

QB79 Main Tubes.

AR Trigger Kits.

QB78 Trigger Kits

Also back in stock are limited numbers of the sidelever-cocking AR2078B target model, in .177 caliber only.

Thanks to all who have waited for these items to become available again!


Anonymous,  Sunday, 14 October, 2012  

can younot get the tank block kits for the xs/qb 78 ?

Stephen Archer Friday, 19 October, 2012  

The tank block is a part specifically designed for the QB79 (branded as XS79 in the UK). If you want to fit it to a QB78, holes need to be drilled in the gun's main tube for the fixing screws. This requires obvious mechanical ability and precision to do. It also means that the gun can never again be used with 12 G Powerlets. This mod also means that the paintball tank would be located VERY far forward on the gun, making it extremely muzzle-heavy. But it could be done!

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