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04 August, 2010

Stoeger X50 Test Target

Well, I'm not the World's greatest spring air rifle shot, but I was quite pleased with this "Gold Service" test target that I shot recently. These Stoeger air rifles are more accurate than I am!

Apart from the good 10-shot group, you can see that this Stoeger X50 air rifle was shooting very consistently straight out of the box. A standard deviation (measure of shot variation) of only 7fps is really very good for a springer, especially for one in its first 10 shots of life! The muzzle velocity averaged well over 1000fps and the muzzle energy approached 20 ft/lb with Crosman Premier Light pellets.

And, as you can see, the trigger pull weight was only 4lbs 5 oz. Most of the Stoeger X10, X20 and X50 air rifles that we're shipping now have trigger pull weights in the 4 lb+ range, which are much lower than the X20 I originally tested some months ago. This is due to a revised trigger mechanism that can be identified by the ridged trigger blade.


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