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11 August, 2010

AR2078A Air Rifle 10 Yard Test Target

Here's an Archer Airguns "Gold Service" test target for an AR2078A tested very recently. As you can see, the manufacturer's specification of 600fps was exactly met at 66 degrees F, meaning that this AR2078A has up-side muzzle velocity of 640fps at 86 degrees F.

My shooting was not too bad, with a 0.25-inch CTC group for 10 shots of unselected (and cheap) "The Peak" wadcutter pellets at 10 yards. And standard deviation was an average for QB78-family air rifles at just over 5 fps for 10 shots on a new gun.

Oh, and yes, this was shot off the target peep sights that are supplied with the AR2078A, AR2078 and AR2079A.


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