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01 August, 2010

The Archer Airguns Summer Sale Starts Today!

The Archer Airguns Summer Sales starts today, 1 August. If you go to the Specials page in our store, you will find a range of air rifles, stock kits and pellet traps at very special prices.

Some of these guns are old stock, some have blemishes and a few have mechanical problems that need some tender loving care. Accuracy and muzzle velocity are not guaranteed. Look on them as ideal project guns. But all are new and shoot. Sorry, but we can't make a selection, it's first come, first served at these very special closeout prices. We have a limited number of QB36-2s available and they're sure to be popular...

The stock kits are seconds and have minor dings and blemishes, but none are badly cracked and they can be re-finished or "bedlinered" for very satisfactory service. And yes, we have some AR2078A stock seconds!

Also available are some seconds pellet traps with minor imperfections, but no serious cracks in the wood. They're perfectly usable, just not up to our very high standards for normal quality product.

Please note: at these Closeout Sale prices, we cannot accept any returns. If you cannot accept this restriction, please do not order these items.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot to mention - there's limited stock available of all the sale items. Have fun looking!


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