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09 August, 2010

Special Select Stocks Available Again for QB78 Family Air Rifles

As a new container of guns and parts has just arrived from the Shanghai factory, we now have Special Select grade stocks available for QB78 family air rifles again. As before, we have AR2078A and AR2079A stocks available, but also - for the first time - AR2078 "thumbhole" stocks in Special Select grade.

The wood on all these stocks is different, as you can see in the photo above - oops, you can also see my fingerprints on the Thumbhole stock!

Obviously these stocks are not intended to compare with custom Grade One Walnut, but they are handsome and show some grain and figuring - much more so than the fairly uniform-looking wood of standard grade stocks for these guns. And, of course the price is nothing like that asked for Grade One Walnut.

Special Select stocks are available in limited quantities and always sell out fast. I doubt that this year will be any different :-)


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