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07 May, 2009

Where Do I Buy Duct Seal For Your Silent Pellet Traps?

We're asked this question very often!

And yes, everyone knows that you can buy it from Archer Airguns, but it's expensive because of the shipping. We recommend that you purchase this locally from Home Depot, Lowe's or one of the other "big box" DIY centers. But you have to know where to look.

Duct Seal is found in the electrical section, usually tucked out of the way somewhere. You may need to ask for it. You're looking for one pound lumps of the stuff, it's a dark gray color (maybe shrink wrapped onto brown card), not an attractive-looking product - but it's ideal for use in our pellet traps. We've tested and recommend "GB" (Gardner Bender) and Halex brands of Duct Seal - that's what we ship and they work fine. Both brands are pictured above.

Oh, and please remember, our "Silent" Pellet Traps are designed to be used with Duct Seal - not plumber's putty or any other kind of putty. We've had some customers try different types of putty because it's easier to find or cheaper, but they've always been disappointed with the results.


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