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02 May, 2009

Three Tips for Using the QB57

Here’s one “do” and two “do nots” when using the QB57.

First, the “do”.

After you’ve been shooting the gun, it can be very difficult to unscrew the barrel locking ring to take down the rifle. The ring locks tight. To overcome this issue, pull out the cocking lever a little - not a lot and certainly not enough to start cocking the gun - and then unscrew the locking ring. Now it’s easy to turn and you will be able to separate the two parts of the gun.

Now the “do nots”.

First. When cocking the gun, do not hold it by the pistol grip. If you do, the pistol grip can snap right off and you’ll need to purchase a new QB57 Stock Kit from Archer Airguns! Instead, hold the gun by the wood fore stock around the barrel.

Second. Do not hold the gun tightly when shooting. Hold the pistol grip lightly to keep the gun on target and pulled into your shoulder. And don’t grasp the forend tightly when shooting. Simply rest the fore stock on the open palm of your hand. Shooting the gun in this way will improve your accuracy considerably!


Anonymous,  Saturday, 02 May, 2009  

Your idea works!

Its always been tough to unscrew my QB57 barrel after shooting. I tried your idea and now its much easier.

Thanks and good luck with the blog. I know it's new but it looks great.


Anonymous,  Tuesday, 11 June, 2013  

Found on my QB 57, the screw that goes into the front of the trigger guard is what causes the barrel to be difficult to get on and off. The simple solution to fix this is put a washer on the screw at the front of the trigger guard where the barrel screws on, the washer gives the barrel more “room” to slide in, other wise the barrel hits the screw going in, even had it block the barrel on mine, used a flashlight to figure out the issue. Now my barrel slides in and out with no problems at all,, cocking mechanism is no issue either way for me.

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