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02 May, 2009

New Tube Cap for the QB78 Family

There’s a recent and unexpected design change that’s been made to QB78 family air rifles with serial number starting at around 08686XXX.

This change comprises a new design of tube cap and a longer main CO2 tube.

The tube cap itself is about 1/2-inch longer than the previous version used on all earlier guns - as you can see from the photograph. Because of this, the main tube on these guns is correspondingly 1/2-inch longer. Although the threads are interchangeable, the caps themselves will not work properly if used on the “other” model of main tube.

The new design certainly makes it easier to change a defective tube cap O ring, but - apart from that - it’s not so easy to see the benefit of the change.

Removing the new tube caps is quite difficult when new - the tube cap needs to be pulled hard and wiggled a little - although this becomes easier with some use. And the cap benefits from being pushed square down onto the main tube when fitting.

The Tube Caps available from Archer Airguns are all the old pattern.

So is the new tube cap an improvement? The jury is still out on this question...


Anonymous,  Friday, 19 February, 2010  

I'll say its hard to remove when new. I really had to pull on it to get it off. I thought I was doing something wrong assuming it would just unscrew.

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