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19 May, 2009

How accurate is the QB36-1 and who makes it?

Here’s an interesting couple of questions that we were asked the other day. As the QB36-1 is a relatively unknown air rifle, the answers may be of interest to you, too.

The QB36-1 is a mid-powered underlever-cocking springer. It’s a solid gun with very few plastic parts and a wood stock that’s pleasant to shoot. You can read more about it on our web site.

In our Gold Service testing for the QB36-1, I’m producing test targets in the 0.7-inch to 0.75-inch CTC range for 10 shots at 10 yards off open sights or a 1x red dot sight with “The Peak” wadcutter pellets.

So how does this compare to the QB78? Well, my average QB78 groups are in the 0.5 to 0.6-inch CTC range under the same circumstances, but I’m really NOT a good springer shot and I believe that the inherent accuracy of the gun is better than I can shoot it. And, of course, fitting a scope will help, too. So, I would say that the QB36-1 is an accurate air rifle for the price with QB78-level accuracy - which is a good recommendation in most people’s books.

Our testing shows muzzle velocities close to the manufacturer’s claims of 700fps in .177 cal, too.

And the manufacturer? Well, it’s our friends the Shanghai Airgun Factory - the manufacturers of the much better-known QB78 family. The QB36-1 is an Industry Brand product and you can see it on the factory website.


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