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30 November, 2014

Now it's Easy to Reassemble Benjamin Marauder and Discovery PCP Air Rifles

One of the biggest problem when resealing a Benjamin Discovery or Marauder air rifle is how to prevent the valve and gauge port O rings from being clipped during reassembly.

It's almost impossible to prevent this damage as the new O rings swell out into the gauge port hole in the tube and then are cut in that area as they push further into the tub past the hole. These cuts almost inevitably lead to leaking - which is often why the gun was taken apart in the first place, of course!

Now Archer Airguns offers a solution to this issue. It's the Filler Plugs for Benjamin Marauder and Discovery air rifles.

In the factory, Crosman uses a jig that closes the gauge port hole when the valve and Gauge Port are installed. This prevents damage to these O rings during assembly.

These new Filler Plugs provide a much simpler - and cheaper - method of achieving the same effect.

The Filler Plugs are precisely-sized, er, fillers that are used to close the gauge port hole during reassembly.

Above, the Filler Plug for Marauder Air Rifles.

The Filler Plug is simply held in place by hand when reinstalling the valve and gauge port, keeping the O rings depressed as they are pushed down past the gauge port hole. Simple but effective!

There's one Filler Plug to fit the Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle, a second version fits the Benjamin Discovery and Crosman Challenger 2009 air rifles. They're identified by an embossed "M" or "D" in the underside of the Filler Plug.

Above, the Filler Plug for Discovery.

The illustrations shown here are CAD files of the parts. The real ones are solid black and very difficult to photograph!

You can see the Marauder Filler Plug here

The Discovery Filler Plug is at


Anonymous,  Saturday, 06 December, 2014  

Hi Steve
When can we expect the target grips for the Crosman 2240?

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