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12 December, 2014

New Hammers Compact 6 x 32AO Scope Now Available

New at Archer Airguns is the latest Hammers scope - it's a compact 6 x 32AO scope and is supplied complete with airgun rings.

This new scope is ideal for use with many air rifles, particularly if you're looking for a short, light scope.

Image quality of the Hammers 6 x 32AO scope is good and the Adjustable Objective (AO) capability allows focusing down to 5 yards.

These scopes have mil-dot reticles, with red and green illumination - selectable if required for use in low light. They're supplied with flip-up lens caps and screw caps for the elevation and windage turrets.

This new Hammers 6x32AO scope is comparable in many way to a Bugbuster, but it's significantly cheaper and is supplied with airgun rings, not Weaver/Picatinny rings. This gives a bigger saving for most airgun users who don't need Weaver rings and then need to buy a separate set of airgun rings.

We have had many happy customers for the other Hammers scopes we sell and have no doubt that many more will love this new compact 6 x 32AO scope!

The photograph below shows this scope mounted on a QB78 Deluxe air rifle. And, yes, there is clearance between the scope and the rear sight...


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