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12 November, 2014

New Marauder Parts and Cleaning Equipment

Many times at Archer Airguns, we're asked for our recommendation for how to clean airgun barrels.

Now we have an answer - at least for .177 caliber!

Bore-Whips are supplied in packs of three. They comprise a flexible, yet sturdy synthetic pull through with a lint-free foam tip bonded to this "rod".

Bore-Whips can be used dry, or with your choice of barrel cleaner - Break Free, Goo Gone, or whatever you prefer, for gentle yet effective bore cleaning. The foam tips can be washed and the Bore-Whips used multiple times. You can see them at

We're told by the manufacturer that Bore-Whips will soon be available in .22 caliber. Archer Airguns will carry these also as soon as they are available.

Also now available are more parts for Benjamin Marauder air rifles.

The improved valve featured in the new generation Marauders is now available for use in .177 and .22 caliber Marauder air rifles. It's Crosman part 1764-100 and it's suitable for use in all Benjamin Marauder Air Rifles, both first and second generation guns.

This new valve has a yellow anodized finish. So, don't confuse it with the first generation Marauder .25 caliber valve, which is also the same color!

One more Marauder air rifle parts assembly now in stock is the breech Plunger Assembly, Crosman part 1763-106. Again, this fits both first and second generation Marauder air rifles, it restrains the bolt travel under operation.

Many Marauder air rifles sent to Archer Airguns for repair have this Plunger Assembly damaged and I'm not sure why. There's no need to crank down tightly on the screw!


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