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04 February, 2014

QB78 and QB79 Repeaters Now Available With Improved Feeding Capabilities.

The QB78 and QB79 Repeaters are now available with a choice of "cock on closing" and "cock on opening" actions.

But how to choose???

Above. A QB78 Repeater with Hammers 3-9x40AO scope.


The "cock on closing" action is the traditional method of operation that has been used on all production QB78 type air rifles - and the Crosman 160 way back before that. The bolt opens easily but is harder to close.

In the Repeater models, it provides excellent feeding with Crosman Premier HP (particularly) and other Crosman pellets, but is not very tolerant of other pellet types. With this action, inserting or removing a magazine is easiest: the mag is simply snapped in or out, without the need to hold the bolt handle back.


The "cock on opening" action version causes the hammer spring to be compressed on opening the bolt and thus it's harder to pull the bolt back. It does, however, close very easily. This easy bolt closing means that the "cock on opening" action is far more tolerant of different pellet types and feeds almost any type of pellet well and jam-free.

The only disadvantage - yes, there has to be one, doesn't there? - is that the bolt handle has to be held open when the magazine is inserted or removed.

Because of the feeding benefits, it's probably that most people will prefer the "cock on opening" version. Anyhow, now you have the choice!

QB78 and QB79 Repeater Upgrade Kits
are still all "cock on closing" as the installation instructions need to be re-written before the new versions can be offered. We'll do that as soon as we can...


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