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11 February, 2014

Mike's AR2079B with Tethered Tank.

Archer Airguns customer Mike, sent this information about his AR2079B air rifle.

Mike writes...

"I started shooting the AR2079B with the Dual 12G CO2 Adapter holding 2 x 12 gram Powerlets. This worked fine, however it was good for 40 shots.

I am shooting Metallic Silhouette which requires 40 shots leaving nothing for sighter targets. I like about 10 shots to sight in with. This means I would have to load two more cartridges to finish, leaving about half of the gas in the gun at the end of the match. I did not want to leave the gun charged or waste the gas.

The next step was to try a 9 ounce CO2 paintball tank. This rifle with a 9 ounce tank, valve and adapter weighs right at 11 pounds, all of it way out front.

So I went to my local paintball store, got a hose with a quick disconnect and set up the rig as you can see in the photos. This looks like it might work for me. Since I did not see anything like it on your website, I thought you might be interested."

Mike, yes that's a very interesting, innovative and practical looking setup. Thanks for sharing and I wish you well with your AR2079B at Metallic Silhouette matches!

Mike's AR2079B has an Archer Airguns Paintball Tank Adapter for QB79 fitted, with a RAP 4 On/Off Valve with Gauge. His paintball hose is attached between that and the 9-oz CO2 tank.


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