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30 January, 2014

QB57 Seconds are back!

First an apology. This is my first post for a month.

Why the long pause? Well we've been very busy fulfilling customer orders (our TOP PRIORITY), taking year end inventory, attending the SHOT Show, suffering from a heavy cold and a whole load of other things.

Anyhow, now normal service is resumed!

As of today, we have a few QB57 Deluxe air rifles available as "seconds" in .177 caliber. These guns all have dings, cracks, scratches or gouges in the wood. But they shoot and provide an ideal project gun. A little tender love and attention can make them into a very attractive air rifle.

As usual, there are limited supplies available and they sell very fast at the low price being asked.

The photograph below shows how Doug Wall - a customer - refinished a QB57 seconds model last year. He sprayed the stock with bedliner, fitted the barrel with a fake suppresor, added a long eye relief shotgun scope and tuned the gun. Very nice, Doug!

How will you refinish and modify your QB57 Seconds?


James,  Saturday, 08 February, 2014  

Mine is similar

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