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04 August, 2013

Testing at Shanghai Airguns - AR2078B and AR2079B Air Rifles

Both the AR2078B and AR2079B air rifles are tested for accuracy at the Shanghai factory and each of these guns ships with this factory test target. In a previous blog, I've posted test targets for the AR2078B, so this post shows how a sample AR2079B performs.

The AR2078B and AR2079B are actually very similar airguns. Both are sidelever cocking target rifles with sophisticated aperture - or peep - sights that are based on the QB78 and powered by CO2. The main difference is that the AR2078B uses two x 12 gram Powerlets for propulsion, while the AR2079B accepts a paintball tank in just the same way as the QB79.

Here's the factory test target for an AR2079B.

Below we see the Archer Airguns Gold Service test target for the same air rifle. The shooting is very similar, as you can see.

The Shanghai factory test targets are shot on the 10 meter range on the second floor of the main factory building in the QA department. This is it, below. As my photograph was taken during the workers' Lunch break, I was able to have a clear shot of their setup.

Note that the range is equipped with chronographs and a lead dust extraction system (the air intakes above each shooting position). It's a very nice arrangement and I loved the lampshades above the Chronies!


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