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15 August, 2013

Crosman Features Archer Airguns Repair Service on Croswords Blog

I'm delighted to see that the latest post on the Crosman corporate blog - Croswords - features Archer Airguns!

The Crosman blog post features Archer Airguns' repair services, obviously highlighting the fact that we specialize in reseals to Crosman PCP air rifles, including the Benjamin Discovery, Benjamin Marauder and Crosman Challenger models.

Doug and Mike are the primary specialists for Archer Airguns repairs - so you'll probably see one of their names on the documentation that accompanies your repaired airgun - although I check every repair personally before it's returned to its owner.

All three of us (Mike, Doug and I) are Crosman factory trained and Archer Airguns uses jigs identical to those used on the Crosman production line to ensure that O rings are not inadvertently torn when reassembling these PCP air rifles.

Archer Airguns plans to introduce more repair services in the future for more Crosman airguns. Check out our Repair Services page for more details.


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