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03 March, 2013

Upgrade Your Beeman RS2 Air Rifle With These New Barrels

Newly arrived at Archer Airguns are some new barrels for the Beeman dual barrel airgun known variously as the RS2, Grizzly X2, 1073, and the Walmart Beeman.

These barrels are factory original barrels that are used on the upmarket 1074 versions of the Beeman Sportsman Series air rifles. They have no front sight: instead they feature a very nice vented steel muzzle brake that looks great and is convenient to hold when cocking the air rifle. The muzzle brake is strongly fixed to the barrel with setscrews and extends beyond the end of the barrel, so providing greater leverage and a slightly lower cocking effort.

These Beeman barrels are available in both .177 and .22.

As you can see from the photographs, these 1074 barrels are a big improvement in appearance compared to the standard barrel. They fit straight on to your existing Beeman dual barrel air rifle (with the locking screw underneath) and are an ideal upgrade, especially if you need a replacement barrel anyhow.

Archer Airguns carries a range of spare parts and accessories for these Beeman dual barrel air rifles, as well as for many other airguns.


Unknown Saturday, 17 August, 2013  

I just purchased one of these and 22 caliber. Its very nice except the pellets are really really tight and usually don't want to enter the barrel. If I do push them hard enough to get them into the barrel the skirt usually end up damage. Do you have any ideas that may remedy this?

Stephen Archer Tuesday, 20 August, 2013  

It may depend which type of pellets you are using. Crosman pellets usually have relatively small diameter skirts and may fit better. If you continue to have a problem, please email me at

Unknown Sunday, 03 November, 2013  

Howdy Mr Archer,
I'm looking at wanting to order a .22 barrel from you , but am wondering if the new style barrel is truly better than the previous barrels with front sight , as far as accuracy , and pellet diameter options?
I don't want to limit my pellet options.
Any advice ?
Thanks .

Stephen Archer Tuesday, 05 November, 2013  


The barrels are effectively the same. That being said, we find that almost any air rifle shoots more accurately with a muzzle weight and this is what the 1074 barrel has. So, all other things being equal, I'd expect to see a slight increase in accuracy with a 1074 barrel.

Anonymous,  Thursday, 12 December, 2013  


I have the beeman sportsmans series rs2 its not a dual caliber, its just .22, can i still put this on it?

Mike B,  Sunday, 13 July, 2014  

I had the same problem with the .22 pellets not fitting. The breech end was about 1/16" too long for my 1073. It was shooting low and the barrel was not closing completely. The metal was rubbing up and over the hole from the bottom. I had to gently file it down with a flat file. Then I used a very fine round file to gently smooth the breech hole where the pellets go in. It now shoots better than my stock barrel. It's easier to cock, the extra weight out front makes the balance better and it looks a lot better. It took just a little work, but I'm very happy with it now. Archer just sells them, it's a Beeman tollerance issue. It could have been my rifle and not the barrel at all.

Unknown Tuesday, 17 March, 2015  

Mr. Archer
read the Beeman RS 2 barrel will interchange with the Ignite black-ops rifle. Is this true? If so how do you remove the .177 barrel from the breech block? I very much would like to upgrade mine with one of your .22 barrels.
Thank you.
Dale Master

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