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25 March, 2013

Phil's B3 Repair

Phil, an Archer Airguns customer, recently purchased a QF-2 Cleaning and Parts Kit for the B3 Air Rifle from us. Recently he sent this email describing how his old B3 has gained a new lease on life!

Here's Phils' message and a photograph of his B3...

"Hello there folks, I just wanted to give a little feedback on the replacement spring. I've had my B3 for about 10 years and have put 1000s of rounds through it.

I recently noticed the trigger was a bit sloppy when the gun was not cocked and then alarmingly it started firing during cocking. Luckily I practice stringent range safety and never point it at anything I wouldn't want shot so no harm done.

I stripped it down and reassembled it a few times to no avail everything seemed in order. I was about to trash it when I happened across your site. After ordering the kit and replacing the spring (kept the old sear in place) it now cocks and shoots like a champ! Well worth the money even if the gun only cost $20. I'm quite fond of the old clunker. So thanks..."

Thanks Phil!

Archer Airguns has a range of B3 spare parts that could help keep your old air rifle shooting, too.


Anonymous,  Monday, 25 March, 2013  

Stephen... let phil know his rear sight is on backwards...

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