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12 March, 2013

The 13/22 SuperSear is Back!

After a short pause in availability, the 13/22 SuperSear is back and just as good as ever!

The 13/22 SuperSear is a drop-in replacement for the standard factory sear used in Crosman 1377, 1322 and 2240 pistols - together with their many variants. In Archer Airguns testing, it gives a significant reduction in trigger pull weight of about 2lbs: that's a 40% improvement compared to the factory sear.

Of course, this sear is another product of the noted airgun upgrade designer Steve_in_NC.

This new "Version 2" of the SuperSear features the same geometry as the earlier version, only the method of manufacturing is changed - NOT the performance. The body of the sear is now CNC-sculpted from aircraft-quality Aluminum, with alloy-steel, load-bearing, wear-resistant, precision-machined pins at the bearing points. Please note that there will be compression marks on the surface of the sear, this is an artifact of the manufacturing process and has no effect on the geometry or performance of the 13/22 SuperSear.

The 13/22 SuperSear is installed by simply removing the right side pistol grip, removing the factory sear and replacing it. Full instructions are included with the kit. The included stainless steel washers help to center the sear and trigger, removing the objectionable side-to-side "slop" that's felt in the factory trigger assembly.

Note that the Archer Airguns 13/22 SuperSear is designed for use with UNMODIFIED Crosman 1377 and 2240-type air pistols. It may not work - or even be dangerous - if installed in combination with other trigger modifications such as weaker sear springs. If you've already made other trigger mods to your pistol, please don't add a 13/22 SuperSear!

Many Crosman pistol shooters have been very happy with their 13/22 SuperSear. Now you can appreciate its benefits too...


Anonymous,  Wednesday, 27 March, 2013  

Installed mine recently, works awesome.
Great value, better results.

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