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23 November, 2011

Very Rare But Now Available - the AR2078B Air Rifle

Yes, you read this correctly, this is the Industry Brand AR2078B air rifle, the very rare "competition" version of the popular AR2078A air rifle. Almost never seen in captivity, Archer Airguns has a small number available just in time for the 2011 holiday season. They're in .177 caliber, as you would expect.

Compared to the regular AR2078A, there are number of improvements.

The most obvious is the sidelever cocking mechanism. This replaces the bolt action standard across the QB78 family line. The lever is quick and easy to operate: it gives a lighter action than the normal turnbolt.

Other improvements include a longer, and heavier barrel weight, together with a metal barrel band. I've found that fitting a heavy muzzle brake to QB78-family air rifles improves their accuracy and this heavier muzzle weight is undoubtedly one reason for the factory's claims of improved accuracy for the AR2078B.

Each gun is also supplied with a factory test target and quality inspection label. The 10-shot groups look pretty good to me and are an indication of the quality level the Shanghai factory is capable of achieving.

Finish of these AR2078B models is excellent, with good wood and deep bluing.

If you're a QB78 enthusiast looking for an unusual addition to your collection, or you're simply searching for a high quality, low cost target air rifle that's all wood and metal - just the way all guns used to be - the AR2078B is a "must have". At least while we have them available...


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