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06 November, 2011

Photos and Muzzle Velocity Figures from QB78 Deluxe Custom Shop

Most customers for the Archer Airguns QB78 Deluxe Custom Shop have requested their guns be fitted with both the XP Tune Kit and the XP Tuned Valve, gaining significant improvements in muzzle velocity.

With this combination in .177 caliber, we're showing Gold Service muzzle velocities of around 750 fps at our normal 65 degrees F test temperature with Peak wadcutter pellets - that's an additional 150 fps compared to factory condition. This is just under 10 ft/lbs. As the muzzle velocity of these air rifles increases by about 2 fps per degree F, this means they will shoot at about 790 fps at 85 degrees F - that's 11 ft/lbs muzzle energy.

In .22 caliber at 65 degrees F, we're seeing around 640 fps with 13.85 grain Peak wadcutters, that's 12.6 ft/lbs of muzzle energy. The performance figures for these guns at 85 degrees F is about 680 fps and just over 14 ft/lbs of muzzle energy.

Here's an interesting QB78 Deluxe Custom Shop gun, fitted with the left hand Weaver-style breech, Oversize Bolt Handle - and a red dot sight for testing!

And here's another unusual gun - it's not even a QB78 at all, but is a Custom Shop QB79, fitted with Weaver breech, QB79 Paintball Tank Adapter and many other goodies.

One thing's for sure, no two guns out of the QB78 Deluxe Custom Shop are the same!


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