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10 November, 2011

The QB57 Is Back!

The Industry Brand QB57 air rifle is available again from stock at Archer Airguns! We have all models of this gun in stock, in both calibers, including the Leapers scope combos.

You can see more about theQB57, including the correct procedure for cocking and loading, in my YouTube video at

For everyone who's contacted us about availability of this model, thanks for your patience!


Randall,  Tuesday, 13 November, 2012  

I just ordered a QB57 today based upon the wealth of information contained on this blog, and my experience with the two other Industry Brand guns that I own. I hope to make it a project gun, but also intend to do what I bought it for, shooting it. Can't help but love a gun that has modification possibilities and shoots well to boot.

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