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03 August, 2011

Quiet Stoeger X20 Suppressor .177 Caliber Test Results.

Yes, it's true! The Stoeger X20 Suppressor IS quiet in .177 caliber once dieseling has begun to subside.

The test target above shows the results from a dry (-ish) .177 caliber gun. As you can see, the muzzle velocity was below 1,100 fps (the speed of sound) and the noise level from shooting was - subjectively - about the same as for the .22 caliber version. That is, very quiet.

The recorded muzzle velocity of 972 fps for the .177 caliber gun can be expected to stabilize at around the 920 - 950 fps typically achieved by "non Suppressor" X20s when the oil and grease from manufacturing has completely burned out of the chamber. This is what I've long suspected, but not been able to prove until now.

The target below shows the results from a .22 caliber X20 Suppressor that stopped dieseling from the second shot. This gives us the chance to compare muzzle velocities for the two calibers shooting the same pellet type.

Any yes, my shooting could have been better on that lower test target...


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