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07 August, 2011

Archer Airguns Introduces Spare Parts Kits for Beeman Sportsman Series Air Rifles

As a result of customer demand, Archer Airguns has worked with our friends at Beeman Precision Airguns and Shanghai Airguns to introduce a range of spare parts kits for Beeman Sportsman Series air rifles.

These parts kits are suitable for the Beeman Sportsman series, including the Beeman 1073 series - also known as the Beeman RS2 series - that is widely available from Wal-Mart stores around the country. As always, these Beeman parts kits are available on-line from our Archer Airguns store and we have them in stock for immediate delivery.

So far, we have kits for hard-to-find replacement parts such as the barrel O ring breech seals, stocks and complete RS2 trigger assemblies.

And we'll be introducing more kits in future so that a complete range of replacement parts is available.


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