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28 July, 2011

First Test Results of Stoeger X50 in .22 Caliber

The first deliveries of Stoeger X50 and X20 (non-Suppressor) air rifles in .22 caliber arrived at Archer Airguns today! We now have X20 and X50 scope combos in stock for immediate delivery.

Of course, I couldn’t wait to see how the new guns perform, so I started to test a batch of the new .22 caliber X50s, selected at random from our first delivery. The intention was to understand average muzzle energy over a range of pellet types and make a power comparison with the .177 caliber X50.

As with other X50s I’ve tested (and unlike the X20 Suppressors), these new guns were quite dry and each one settled down rapidly with very little dieseling. I fired 5 shots from each gun with 8 types of pellets and averaged the results.

The results are shown in this table (click to enlarge if you wish).

As for pellet weight, these results show that 14 to 15 Grain is about the sweet spot for the X50 in .22 caliber.

Average muzzle energy is consistently around 23 - 24 ft/lbs. This is around 10% greater than the average tested muzzle velocity of the X50 in .177 caliber, where I normally find 20 - 21 ft/lbs muzzle energy (around 1,000 fps with 7.9 Grain pellets).

Stoeger X-Field, 14.7 Grain pellets gave around 860 fps and 24 ft/lbs of muzzle energy. I’ll be using this pellet as standard for our “Gold Service” testing.

Yes, I know that 860 fps is far from Stoeger’s claims of “up to 1,200 fps with lead pellets” but it’s still very creditable and gives the X50 considerable knock-down power for hunting in .22 caliber.

Although I was only shooting “for effect” and not as a Gold Service accuracy test, the guns seemed to be as accurate as expected. I’ll be posting some test targets over the next few days, of course!

Prices for the .22 caliber guns are the same as for the .177 caliber models.


Anonymous,  Wednesday, 16 July, 2014  

How fast will the 22 X50 shoot platinum or other alloy pellets?

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