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08 July, 2011

First Day of the Crosman NorthEast Regional Field Target Championship, 2011

Today, 8 July was the first day of the Crosman NorthEast USA Regional Field Target Championship. Again, this was held at Crosman corporate headquarters in Up-State New York.

Mainly this was a practice day, but there was a lot to do and see, including the (now usual) excellent Crosman factory tour.

Here's some highlights of the event.

1. Art Duel shows the beautiful stock he hand-crafted for his Marauder.

2. Ray Apelles shows a custom Marauder as master stock-maker Paul Bishop looks on. This bright red Marauder actually has an electronic trigger next to Ray's hand, together with a back-up mechanical trigger in the thumbhole of the stock. Yes, that's correct - two triggers. I shot it, too.

3. A real test for the afternoon was the "Quigley Bucket Challenge". This calls for five shots per competitor at a 1.75-inch wide bucket target at a range of 55 yards with a Challenger with beautiful Paul Bishop custom stock set to 6.5 ft/lb. Here Harold Rushton tries his hand at the Quigley Bucket. And yes, the target was hit by a total of 11 competitors, including me. I was so shocked to score that I've failed to record the name of the winner who achieved this feat twice. Oops! But he was presented with this Challenger as his prize and was very happy...

4. Late in the afternoon, Crosman employees produced a Rogue and we were invited to shoot it at cinder blocks and similar "reactive" targets. Here's me taking a shot.

5. And my response. Just the same as everyone else, a BIG smile!
Tomorrow (Saturday) sees the start of the Match. I can't wait!!!


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