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07 October, 2010

Spring Air Rifle Test Results - Stoeger X50 and QB57

As several folk sent emails saying they found previous "Gold Service" test targets interesting, here's a couple more that have just gone through the shop.

The first shows the test target for a .177 caliber Stoeger X50. Here we can see the excellent accuracy out of the box - if I do my part! - displayed by all the X50 guns I've tested so far. As with almost all of these guns, there was no dieseling at all and the Standard Deviation (muzzle velocity variation) is excellent for a brand-new springer.

The X50s shoot at approximately 1100fps with CPLs, giving 20+ ft/lbs of muzzle energy. The trigger pull weight on this Stoeger X50 was a little above average, most show less than 5lbs pull weight, but it still felt fine and gave predictable let-off.

By way of a comparison, we have a test target for a QB57 Deluxe in .22 caliber. As is Archer Airguns practice, the gun was tested with my trusty Leapers red dot scope.

Some QB57s can be very "wet" from the Shanghai factory and show considerable dieseling when first fired, but this one was nicely dry and gave outstanding figures of only 5.38 ft/sec over 10 shots. This is QB78 territory!

Trigger pull was very light, too, at only 3 lbs 3 oz. QB57 triggers have a long pull, but a little experience makes them quite predictable. And nearly 10ft/lb of muzzle energy in an accurate, controllable package is pretty good for such a compact air rifle that sells for less than $75.00 and has so few plastic parts.


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