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17 October, 2010

Stop Jawing About It and… Just Do It!

By Ron Robinson.

Recalling how excited I was to discover organized airgun competition and how quickly I jumped at the chance to enter my first silhouette match, it seems strange how many airgun enthusiasts procrastinate and/or are intimidated to enter their first silhouette or field-target competition. Perhaps it’s performance anxiety (fear of a poor showing), but many airgunners simply cannot seem to “pull the trigger” (so to speak) when it comes to entering their first match. Many are attracted enough to these airgun games to participate in on-line forums with posts and questions, yet are apparently repelled by some unexplained force.

While I can see why one might be hesitant to attempt such a demanding discipline as ten-meter competition, reactionary-targets like silhouettes and field-targets hardly lend themselves to structured venues or up-tight participants. And while I’ve heard field-target shooters referred to as “elitist”, truth is the only “elite” thing about them is their shooting skills.

After years of field-target and decades of airgun silhouette experience, I can state unequivocally that neither discipline attracts a pretentious following, and the term “discipline” is in fact a misnomer for either game. A much more accurate description than the “elitist” comment mentioned above was overheard from a spectator at a Texas State Silhouette Championship, “It’s a bunch ‘a grown men shooting BB guns at little metal animals!” How intimidating can that be?

To the silhouette and field-target-curious out there in Airgunland procrastinating their first competition out of whatever misguided fear one conjures to avoid discovering some of the best airgun fun to be had with like-minded individuals, I feel compelled to give one piece of advice.

"Try it... you'll like it!"

A pretty up-tight bunch - just look at those scowls!


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