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26 September, 2010

Don't try this with your QB78, folks.

Of course, you would never load two pellets into your QB78 air rifle, close the bolt and fire. But, oops! that’s exactly what I did recently when performing a Gold Service test on a QB78. My excuse is that I was distracted by a telephone call in between shots...

Anyhow, I had fired eight pellets with this .22 caliber QB78. The muzzle velocity was in the 500 - 510fps range for these shots and then - all of a sudden - there was a 290fps reading. WTF?????

So, I looked at the target and you can see the results below. I had double-loaded this QB78 and the gun fired both pellets at once. The result was the 290fps reading from the Chrony and the impact of two pellets about 1 1/2-inches below the impact point of the main group.

So, that’s what happens when you double load a QB78 family air rifle and fire it by mistake...


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