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09 July, 2010

Crosman Northeast Regional Field Target Championship - First Day

Today was the first day of the Northeast Regional Field Target Championship held at the Crosman headquarters in Bloomfield NY.

The match was directed by Hans and Ray Apelles, while Crosman supplied the venue and logistics - including much needed cold drinks as the temperature hovered in the mid 90s with high humidity until well after Noon. Those of us fielding QB78 air rifles suffered from valve lock in the intense heat!

Hans Apelles and Dave Carpenter enjoy the practice session.

The morning offered open practice on the range, which was set-up on the former Crosman paintball field. Around 64 competitors registered to shoot - by my count, at least - and many were there for the practice session.

A highlight of the day for many of us was a guided tour of the Crosman factory. Around 50 people took the tour, divided into three groups. I joined the group led by Crosman Director of Manufacturing Ed Schultz.

We were saw all aspects of the facility, from the stock making shop to pellet production, the airgun assembly lines, barrel rifling, Powerlet manufacturing - VERY noisy but so interesting, the experimental shop and the Crosman Museum.

Crosman Manufacturing Director Ed Schultz (center) guides us through the Crosman Museum.

An afternoon cloudburst cut the heat, but did nothing to dispel interest in the "Quigley Bucket Challenge" contest. That's 5 shots per competitor at a 1.75-inch bucket at 55 yards range with a 6.5 ft/lb limit muzzle energy limit and iron sights only. Amazingly, this contest went to a tie-breaking shoot out with Paul Bishop being the winner. Great shooting! I noted with interest that the only shooters to hit the target did so after it started raining - go figure!

Day two - tomorrow - is the main field target match, with 80 shots per competitor in the multiple FT disciplines, PCP, Piston, Hunter, WFTF and Offhand. They say the weather will be cooler but rainless. Crosman has donated some excellent prizes. It's going to be a great day and I'll get back there as soon as I can...


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