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23 June, 2010

Improved Trigger for Stoeger X10 and X20 Air Rifles

If the Stoeger X10 and X20 air rifles have a failing, it's that the two stage trigger is somewhat heavy and the second stage is not perfectly defined when firing. So we're pleased to make this replacement trigger available as the first Archer Airguns parts kit for Stoeger airguns.

This beautiful, CNC-machined, two-stage trigger replaces the factory trigger on Stoeger X10 and X20 air rifles. It provides a much reduced pull weight - typically down from about 6lbs to 4lbs or less and cleaner pull, greatly improving the shootability and accuracy of these air rifles. This two-stage trigger kit allows the shooter's finger to more reliably detect the second stage so that he (or she) does not inadvertently pull through the second stage and release the shot before being ready.

This improved trigger is available as a kit with full instructions, or fitted to your new Stoeger X10 or X20 by Archer Airguns if you wish. It's not a factory part, so please read our web page for details on warranty implications.

Look for Stoeger air rifle parts kits to be available from Archer Airguns soon. These will be original, factory parts that will help to keep Stoeger X5, X10, X20 and X50 air rifles in perfect condition.


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