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10 July, 2010

Day Two of the Crosman FT Shoot - and a "Tactical" Prototype Marauder

Day two of the Crosman-sponsored FT shoot saw an excellent shoot in perfect weather. Somewhat cooler than yesterday, there was no rain - just some wind to disturb the shooters on the more open sections of the course.

The WFTF rules contest saw Ray Apelles and Harold Rushton shoot identical scores. The winner was decided by a 55-yard "sudden death" shoot off with Harold the winner.

Below, Harold and Ray congratulate each other after the shoot off.

Above. Art Duel prepares to shoot.

Crosman supplied a wonderful range of "door prizes" that were distributed at the conclusion of the shoot. The many lucky winners - whose name was pulled out of the hat (well, actually a paper cup!) - won pellets, knife sets, Center Point scopes (not cheap ones either) and air rifles. There was also a large selection of plaques, one each for first, second and third prize winners in each category. Photo below.

And, out for pubic viewing, was the most interesting prototype "tactical" Marauder shown below. I want one!!!

Everyone who attended agreed that it was a fine shoot and that Crosman hosted it fabulously. Don't miss this event next year!


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