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06 May, 2010

Stoeger X50 First Test Results

Here are the results from Archer Airguns first "Gold Service" test of a customer's Stoeger X50 air rifle. This is an excellent airgun and it was a pleasure to ship such a nice air rifle to our first X50 customer!

Standard "Gold Service" testing conditions: indoors, 10 shots at 10 yards range, muzzle velocity, accuracy and trigger pull tested.
- Average muzzle velocity 1,100.5 fps with 7.93 Grain Crosman Premier Light pellets.
- Standard deviation 5.38 fps.
- Muzzle energy 21.33 ft/lbs.
- Group size 0.5-in vertical, 0.75-in horizontal, CTC.
- Trigger pull weight 4lbs 0oz

My impressions are as follows:
- Muzzle velocity matches the claimed 1,200 fps with lead pellets fairly well.
- Accuracy is better than I can shoot it! Twice I put successive pellets through the same hole, but I'm not a good springer shot (not consistent enough) and my group drifted out horizontally as I shot. I'm sure the customer will do better than me!
- Dieseling was almost completely absent. Shot-to-shot consistency (Standard Deviation) was very good for a springer at 5.38 fps over 10 shots before the gun is broken-in - that's average consistency for a QB78, for example.
- Trigger pull was much lighter than expected. In fact I double-checked the reading to be sure.
- This is a BIG air rifle! I'm 6-ft 2-in tall and I had to stretch to break the barrel.
- Scope is fine and I obtained a good cheek weld against the Monte Carlo-style stock comb.
- Operation was smooth and good.
- Surprisingly comfortable to shoot for such a large air rifle.

The scope is pre-mounted and quite well sighted on target - certainly shootable out of the box with only minor sighting-in required for personal vision and pellet combinations.

I'm impressed with what I've experienced of the Stoeger X10, X20 and X50 air rifles so far!


ludlow Sunday, 28 August, 2011  

i just bought the x50 and out of the box with the scope it was amazingly accurate. the only downside it takes over 48lbs to cock it. i have to place it on the ground, brace it with my knee to cock to it, i'm hoping after some break in it will be easier

Anonymous,  Wednesday, 13 March, 2013  

What is the range on these guns?

Stephen Archer Monday, 18 March, 2013  

Well the pellets will travel for 300 yards or so. But a realistic range for accurate hunting or target shooting would be around 10 - 50 yards. Personally, 30 yards is about my personal maximum accurate range with an air rifle.

Anonymous,  Saturday, 14 June, 2014  

Hi, i'm thinking to buy a stoeger, but not sure wether to go for the x20 or x50. I have read a couple of places that the x20 is actually a better air gun (build quality and so on) Do you think that might be right?

Unknown Tuesday, 22 July, 2014  

My X50 is about broken in. I have mastered cocking while seated, so it isn't bad. I am 6'4" and well north of 300lbs, so I like a bigger airgun. Accuracy is pretty good, capable of under 1 inch at 25 yards. It seems to favor a slightly heavier pellet than the average. Trigger has some creep, but not too bad. An after-market trigger may be a good option to try. I love the stock, and I am generally not impressed with synthetics. This one has a good solid feel to it.
My Stoeger X50 is a 'keeper'!

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