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15 May, 2010

How to Remove a "Tough" QB78 Airgun Bolt Handle.

Over the past few years, Archer Airguns has sold thousands of our Oversize Bolt Handles for the QB78 family. And we're already moving into the hundreds of sales for our QB78 Family XP Tune Kit that require the bolt handle to be removed as part of the installation.

Over all those bolt handles, there have been very, very few cases where it has not been possible to remove the existing factory bolt handle quite easily once the setscrew has been removed. But, there's always an exception! And interestingly, each of these few bolt handles that have been tough to remove have been on Q78 Deluxe air rifles. Maybe there were a few oversize "gold" bolt handles in one production batch - and undoubtedly the factory folk never expected to find us shooters removing them to replace with an Oversize Handle or to install a Tune Kit!

So what should you do with a hard-to-extract QB78 bolt handle? The photo below shows how. Remove the breech assembly and clamp the bolt handle in the padded jaws of a vice. Now wriggle and pull a little and the bolt handle will come out.

It's worked every time so far!


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