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24 April, 2010

Stoeger Air Rifles - New and Good!

Stephen shooting a Stoeger X50 Scope Combo.

Stoeger air rifles are new to the Internet and Archer Airguns is proud to have been appointed an official Stoeger Airguns dealer by Benelli USA. To start, we're offering the X10, X20 and X50 models. These airguns are made in China by BAM and they're really good spring-powered air rifles for the fair price that's being asked.

All Stoeger air rifles benefit from a 2 year warranty and most of them are fitted with ready-mounted airgun rated scopes that are bore sighted at the factory. This means that you can take your Stoeger air rifle combo out of its box, start shooting immediately with the scope and be on target.

And, Archer Airguns will stand behind the performance with our "Gold Service" testing - for a small additional charge the rifle will be inspected and test fired. "Gold Service" tested guns will be supplied with a test target showing accuracy, muzzle velocity and trigger pull. You can read more on our site.

The X10 and X20 models shoot lead free pellets at very close to the claimed muzzle velocity of 1200 fps, while the monster X50 model shoots them at 1500 fps.

As you will expect, I've undertaken extensive testing before introducing the X10, X20 and X50 air rifles and will share this information soon on this blog.


Danny,  Monday, 03 May, 2010  

I have the x-10 and the x-20 synthetic and like them both they are very fast shooters when i bought my x-10 and shot it awhile and like the velocity this gun puts out,I seen the x-20 synthetic at my local gun shop and bought it and it's extremly accurate as the x-10 so i'm happy with my buys.Look forward on your x-50 reviews.

Gene Curtis Sunday, 16 May, 2010  

Just purchased a Stoeger X20 .177 and I am very pleased with the overall look and feel of this air rifle. The wood and stock are in my opinion are great. The overall cocking and shooting cycle is excellent. This gun is a keeper...

The price at Archer Air Guns is excellent and much lower than most of the big retail outlets.

Great gun and great experiewnce.

Anonymous,  Thursday, 19 August, 2010  

I always brought my air gun before every time i wen to the farm. I love hunting birds. I wish my air gun before is like what i've seen here. The one with a scope. Is it the same with the AR 15 Scopes that are attached to assault riffles?

billy hunt,  Friday, 11 March, 2011  

hi i have an x 10 but cannot find a new spring for it can u help im in australia

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