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04 April, 2010

Ron Robinson Writes for Archer on Airguns.

If you’re interested in airguns, you’ve probably heard of Ron Robinson (AKA- The Manic Compressive). And now Ron will be writing for this blog as a guest blogger.

As a staunch enthusiast of classic Crosman airguns of the 1950s and 1960s, he believes that many of those vintage models were ahead of their time. Ron enjoys customizing them to realize their highest potential, and then pits them in competition against the highest state-of-the-art airguns produced today. By natural extension, he also also values the QB78 family of airguns...

And Ron can really shoot!

An air rifle and air pistol silhouette competitor since 1986, Ron is a five-time Texas State Silhouette Champion and a holder of four NRA National Record certificates in airgun silhouette. Ron’s Sporter Rifle state championship and both Sporter Rifle Team national records were captured with a 1950s vintage .22 Sears Ted Williams “Match Rifle” variant of the Crosman 160 CO2 rifle.

As an air rifle and air pistol field-target competitor since 2004, he is a three-time Texas State Champion (Hunter Rifle class, Scope Pistol class and Iron Sight Pistol Class). The Hunter Rifle championship was won with a QB77 Deluxe - a predecessor of the QB78 - converted to HPA, and the Scope Pistol championship was won with a 1960s vintage .22 Montgomery Wards Hawthorne variant of the Crosman 180 CO2 rifle (converted to pistol).

Ron’s been writing about airguns since 1987. His books include “The Manic Compressive”, “Airgun Hunting and Sport” and “A Sporting Proposition” (all now sadly out of print). He’s also been a contributor to most airgun periodicals ever printed in the U.S., including “Airgun News and Reports”, “U.S. Airgun”, “American Airgunner”, “Airgun Illustrated”, “Rimfire and Airgun Magazine” and “Airgun Hobby”. He is currently working on another airgun book to be offered in electronic format.

Ron is the past president of the Central Texas Airgun Club and is a current member of the Yegua Airgun Club as Coordinator and Match Director of air rifle, air pistol silhouette and air pistol field-target competitions at Yegua.

Welcome Ron!


Unknown Tuesday, 06 April, 2010  

We look forward to your inclusion of posts for Archer`s blog. : )

Unknown Sunday, 18 July, 2010  

I look forward to reading your posts and comments on Archer's blog. I have been a long-time avid supporter and reader of all of Ron's work since the early 80's. Now, I'm traveling the world on my Spencer 53 sailing vessel Gone Bambu and look forward to keeping up with Ron's latest news and finds across the globe.

Gayle Smith,
First Mate and Safety Officer
USSV Gone Bambu

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