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13 April, 2010

So How Many Shots Do I Get With My XP Tune Kit?

This is our third post on the new Archer Airguns "XP" Tune Kit. You can see the others by using the search box and scrolling down the page.

Several people have asked for more detail on the number of shots available from one set of Powerlets when using this tune kit. The graph below shows shows the muzzle velocities for 47 shots fired from our QB78 Deluxe test gun in .22 caliber. As you can see, muzzle velocity remains fairly consistent until shot 35 and then falls off rapidly. Normally, .177 guns give more shots per fill and I would expect the same with the "XP" Tune Kit, although I've not tested that yet.

The left axis of the graph shows the muzzle velocity per shot, the horizontal axis indicates the number of shots fired.

This graph tells us that you will see about 35 "good" shots until the point of aim starts to fall significantly due to use of gas. This compares to about 50 "good" shots for a QB78 in factory condition, but of course we're using more gas per shot to obtain the increased muzzle velocity. But it's still not a bad compromise for the increased power!

This testing was undertaken at 62 degrees Farenheit, that's why the muzzle velocity hovers in the 600 - 615 fps range for most of the shots. As with all CO2 guns, muzzle velocity increases with ambient temperature, in fact by about 2 fps per degree F. Had this test been undertaken at 85 degrees F (for example), the muzzle velocities would have been in the 645 - 660 fps range instead.


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