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09 June, 2014

Customer Test Review of Archer Airguns Universal Muzzle Brake for 15mm Barrels

Reader Jeffrey in Floral City, Florida, has tested our new Universal Muzzle Brake with two Crosman break barrel air rifles - with outstanding results!

Jeffrey found significant accuracy improvements with both a Crosman Phantom and a Crosman Storm XT, as shown in the attached "before and after" test target photos.

1. The Crosman Phantom, in factory condition:

2. The Crosman Phantom with Archer Universal Muzzle Brake. Same range, same pellets, same shooter:

Jeffrey comments: "Brake was mounted flush with muzzle. In test target #1, grouping was sub-par at 1" CTC and 1.5" below the POA but the chronograph numbers were impressive using H&N Excite Econ 7.4 grain pellets. Shooting from a static shooting rest, the group in test #1 showed a harmonic imbalance to the point that the holes cut by the wadcutter pellets were fuzzy from extreme pellet wobble.

In test target #2, the compensator was adjusted out from the muzzle 0.25 inches. Velocity increased from an average of 970.2 FPS to 1000.2 FPS and clean holes are punched in the target with a CTC of 0.33 inches."

Jeffrey found that the lighter, synthetic stock of the Quest benefitted from being filled with pennies, both to balance the weight of the muzzle brake.

"Adding one roll of pennies weighing 5oz, POI shifter higher and is of an oval horizontal shape but the holes are still fuzzy." Continues Jeffrey. "Adding the second roll raised the POI to the POA, closed up the group and still fuzzy holes. A third roll of pennies resulted in a high POI but the barrel vibrations are now in one direction on a vertical axis. Holes in target are still fuzzy indicating a secondary vibration.

In conclusion, adding the Archer Airgun Muzzle brake to synthetic stocked air rifles as the Crosman Phantom, G1 Extreme, Fury and others, will need a counterbalance weight added to the butt stock, adjustment to the positioning of the muzzlebrake on the barrel and/or both to achive excellent accuracy and performance."

3. The Crosman Storm XT (wood stock) in factory condition:

4. The Crosman Storm XT with Archer Universal Muzzle Brake. Same range, same pellets, same shooter:

Jeffrey, all I can say is: WOW, what a great accuracy improvement!

Thanks for sharing the results of your careful and structured tests. As you know, we do claim an accuracy improvement when fitting the Archer Airguns Universal Muzzle Brake for 15mm Barrels to air rifles, but your independent testing proves that beyond all doubt.


Anonymous,  Friday, 01 August, 2014  

Maybe I'm missing something, but in the first test, above the picture it says that the gun is in factory condition. Yet in the description it says that in the first test, the muzzle break was installed flush.

Then in the second picture it says that the muzzle break is installed, but in the description, it says that the muzzle break was moved .25". Could someone please clarify this?

Anonymous,  Wednesday, 10 September, 2014  

You're probably thrown off by FACTORY CONDITION which means no tuning done to the AG to enhance it's performance then he added the MB. Sliding the mb changes the way the tip of the barrel vibrates or blast that affects the pellet skirt and it's trajectory

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