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12 April, 2013

Front Sight Mod for Crosman 2240 With Industry Brand Rear Field Sight

The following post comes from Kevin Cuyler, an Archer Airguns customer who fitted an Industry Brand Rear Field Sight to his Crosman 2240 (fitted with Crosman steel breech). Kevin found that his gun shot high with the standard front sight. So he made an innovative extension for the front sight blade using a part of the plastic Crosman sight supplied with the gun but unusable with the steel breech.

Kevin has kindly offered to share his experience with a wider audience through this blog. His photographs are annotated to make them self explanatory.

If you click on the photographs, they will enlarge for easier viewing.

In the first picture, Kevin explains the problem he faced.

The montage below includes descriptions of the changes he made.

Kevin, thanks for sharing!


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