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20 April, 2013

Coming Soon. A 10-Shot Repeater Upgrade Kit for the Crosman 160 Air Rifle

Coming soon from Archer Airguns is the first ever mass-production self-indexing, 10-shot upgrade for the Crosman 160 - the 160 Repeater. The 160 Repeater Upgrade Kit can be retro-fitted to any existing Crosman 160 .22 caliber air rifle - even if it’s over 50 years old!

There will also be a 167 Repeater Upgrade Kit available to upgrade .177 caliber Crosman 167 air rifles.

The photographs here show a pre-production kit fitted to my “Type 3” Crosman 160. The production versions will have black finish parts.

The above photo shows the magazine in place and a scope fitted.

The 160 Repeater uses the well-known 10-shot Benjamin Marauder magazine. It can also be used in single shot mode by using the Benjamin Marauder Single Shot Tray. Like the original Crosman 160, the 160 Repeater Upgrade Kit is designed in Fairport NY (by Archer Airguns) and manufactured in the USA!

The 160 Repeater includes a number of features that improve on the traditional single-shot Crosman 160, including:
- 10 shot self-indexing magazine feed
- Pin probe type bolt for increased muzzle velocity
- Significantly-stronger anchoring of the barrel in the breech with 2 widely-spaced setscrews for increased accuracy
- Easy scope mounting with built-in dovetails in the breech, overcoming the longstanding issue of mounting a scope easily and securely to the Crosman 160
- New barrel band provides much more rigid support than factory barrel bands for increased accuracy
- The Breech and barrel band are precision CNC-manufactured from aircraft-grade Aluminum. The bolt is CNC-manufactured from high quality steel.

The 160 and 167 Repeater Upgrade Kits includes all the parts required to upgrade any existing Crosman 160 or 167 with “drop in” assembly.

This photo shows the magazine and single shot tray below the air rifle.

Current expectations are for availability in July/August.

Again, the photo is of a pre-production test gun. Final production will be of very similar appearance, but the new breech and barrel band will be in black finish.

Archer Airguns also has repair and upgrade parts available for the Crosman 160.

This is a wonderful opportunity to give a new lease of life to many much-loved old Crosman 160 and 167 air rifles!

If you would like to be informed when the 160 Repeater is available, please email us at, with “160 Repeater” in the title.


Anonymous,  Sunday, 21 April, 2013  

Congratulations on the innovation !

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